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October 30, 2009, 07:54
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I didn't truly realize how saturated the job market was with job seekers until I posted a part-time position recently for an office assistant. Overnight, I received 70 resumes for. On-Demand Audio Podcast; Audio Archives; Jumping Off The Cliff; Noon Business Hour; Crain's Small Business Report; 60 Minutes Podcast; Real Estate; Eating Right. resume services, cover letters, interview preparation, resume writer. A resume is what validates your job interview and showcases your skills, experience, education, background and intentions. When deciding how to best present your resume it is best. So, what’s going to make an employer pick your resume out and put it in the “interview prospect” pile? One thing is for sure, a dull, uninspired resume isn’t going to do it. Exploring the fine line between clever and stupid. Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager and Microsoft Employee Evangelist. Photocopy that resume once and the phone numbers become unreadable. Do you really want to lose a chance at an interview because the employer couldn't read your number?
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