Flax seed use
March 30, 2010, 06:40
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Learn how to use and eat flax seeds. They provide plenty of omega-3 and should be included in your eating habits. They are easy to use and give you plenty of nutrition. Bakers may use flax seed flour or include flax seed in baking. Note: Flax seed oi l is not the same as flax seeds. Flax seed oil is a concentrated source of ALA, which has been. To clean flax seed, use a 4 x 16 mesh wire sieve (or 4 x 14 for large-seeded varieties) to separate the grain and larger weed seeds from flax. (Click to enlarge) flax flax flower and seed pods () and cutaway of stem () (Elizabeth Morales. The best-known use for flax fiber is in the manufacture of fine linen fabrics; other. Always use freshly ground up flax seeds. The moment flax seeds (and all other seeds and nuts) are ground up, the vitamins in them start to oxidize and the fats. For more information on Flax Seed Check out WebMD Nutrition Facts More information, e.g., how to use flax seed as an egg substitute! Latest research on flaxseed and breast cancer Substitution Tips for Flax Seed Substituting Flour – Omega Golden Flaxseed was developed for use in the baking industry because of its nutrient value and good taste.
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