Ducking stool
August 01, 2009, 22:40
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D u c k i n g s t o o l [ Home ] [ Up ] [ introduction ] [ witches' knowledge ] [ Witches' rules ] [ Witches' spells ] [ Witches' tools ] [ Witches all round the world ] [ What is a witch ] [ Ducking. My Story. 1) Thames Valley Police. 2) The Ministry Of Defence. 3) Derbyshire Family Court Welfare Service. 4) Conclusion DUCKING-STOOL, punishment. An instrument used, in dipping women in the water, as a punishment, on conviction of being common scolds. It is sometimes confounded with tumbrel. Britannica online encyclopedia article on cucking and ducking stools (punishment), a method of punishment by means of humiliation, beating, or death. The cucking stool (also known. Sometimes, however, the Ducking-stool wasnot a fixture but was mounted on a pair of wooden wheels so that it could be wheeled through the streets, and at the river-edge was hung by.

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