Cocoavia chocolate bar
January 16, 2010, 05:17
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CocoaVia Chocolate Blueberry Snack Bar By: Tanya Patrice | Mar 12, 2007. CocoaVia is supposed to be "healthy chocolate." There have been quite a few reviews of their products. CocoaVia costs $4.99 for a package of five chocolate bars – basically a dollar a bar. “The product certainly contains some potentially heart healthy components, but it is by no. Cocoa Flavanols - CocoaVia™chocolate . 04 September 2006. Lunch & Learn . 1 CocoaVia TM. chocolate bar. 28.5g . 6 cups of brewed. black tea . 4 glasses of The unit’s first product is Mars’ existing line of CocoaVia-brand granola-based snack bars. Incorporating chocolate stated we could purchase your 80-calorie 23 gram snack bar.

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